The company

When it comes to investing in the bitcoin/cryptocurrency ecosystem, the CryptoSecure wallet represents the strategic high ground of security, speed, and ease of use.

The cryptocurrency industry stands to create a world in which digital currency is a payment mechanism as widely accepted as Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express—or any major world currency.

Our Network

CryptoSecure’s networks are based on Amazon Web Service (AWS), a secure cloud services platform that offers power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. AWS cloud products and solutions are renowned for providing users with the opportunity to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

CryptoSecure developers use a vast array of technologies, including a combination of Ruby, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Swift (for iOS), and Java (for Android).

Win Cheng

Win Cheng is a visionary technology leader who was an early investor in bitcoin. While Cheng was completing his master's degree in Computer Applied Technology at Shanghi Ocean University, he developed the technology behind DouYin, a popular video-streaming application in China.

To capitalize on the extraordinary market increase in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Cheng formed Hong Kong-based Bit Bao Group, a company that developed a leading-edge cryptocurrency wallet. His groundbreaking technology was then sold to be used on the open global marketplace. Cheng is currently working on several new technologies, one of which is designed to become the Chinese version of PayPal.


The CryptoSecure wallet’s goal is to help currency owners stay in charge of their own money, while helping them navigate the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The wallet client helps users buy bitcoins, secure their funds, and store their assets without worrying about others being in charge of their money.



We strive to be a market leader in the era of a digital world by providing unparalleled security, convenience, and service to our users. With a focus on the future, CryptoSecure aims to create and foster long-term relationships with clients, partners, and our team of R&D innovators to maintain the latest offerings.